Rodney Brooks’ AI predictions

IMG_3465Their is a lot of hype around artificial intelligence, what the technology will bring and its impact on humanity. I thought I’d start my blogging by highlighting  some more grounded predictions from someone who has a lot of experience at the practicalities of AI implementation: Rodney Brooks. Rodney is a robotics pioneer who co-founded iRobot which bought us the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. I had the pleasure of meeting Rodney when I did global entrepreneurship program at MIT Sloan School of Management. I was a little star struck…

Earlier this month Rodney made some dated predictions about self driving car cars (10 years before driverless taxis are in most big US cities), AI (30 years before we reach dog level), and space travel (humans on Mars in 2036). Rodney calls himself a techno-realist. His experience has shown that turning ideas into reality at scale takes a lot longer than people think. Undoubtedly his predictions will be wrong because that is the nature of predicting the future. However this is a useful perspective given the pace at which the field is advancing. The recent posts from the Google Brain team reviewing 2017 (part 1, and part 2) give a great view of how much progress was made in just the last year. Rodney’s assertion is that turning this progress into products is hard and will take longer than most people think.



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