Organisations using artificial intelligence in New Zealand

This is my attempt to document the different organisations that are using AI in New Zealand. This page contains a brief description of what they are doing and it’s my intention to write up more detail on the technology and business application for each of these.

If you know of any other organisation  that I have missed off this list then please let me know – either in the comments below or directly. Likewise, if you are involved in any of these organisations and would like to talk to be about how you’re using AI please contact me.

Here are the organisations I’ve written posts about after interviewing key people within the organisation.


Ambit: A platform for building chatbots. Co-founder Tim Warren explains how the platform learns, its key differentiators and the commercial success they’re having.



Kiwifruit picking robot

Auckland University Robotics Research Group is working on a variety of robotics projects, including kiwi fruit robots. Chair, Bruce MacDonald discusses these projects in this article.



Aware group people countingAware Group: AI Consulting, including machine vision, natural language processing and predictive models. They have offices in Hamilton and Seattle.



Cacophony ratCacophony: Using machine vision to identify and eventually kill predators – see Cacophony Blog posts


Imagr vitaweat

Imagr: Using machine vision to identify what’s in your shopping cart – see Imagr blog posts



A77B63FA-FD17-4EF9-9643-0F01F13BF576Jade: Providing chatbots/conversation interfaces & predictive modelling – see Jade blog posts



image-3Lincoln Agritech: Using machine vision for non-invasive grape yield prediction – see the blog post about how Lincoln Agritech are using deep learning for crop yield estimates


Safe City Beggar smallNEC New Zealand: AI for smart cities: traffic counting, bird identification, incident detection





The New Zealand Merino Company: Analysing accelerometer data to identify sheep behaviour to improve sheep well being.







Ohmio LIFTOhmio (part of HMI technologies): Self driving shuttles – see the blog post following an interview with Ohmio’s artificial intelligence manager




Building outlinesOrbica: Using AI for big spatial data extraction processes. Read more detail about how Orbica uses machine vision to tag aerial photos.









Here are other organisations using AI in NZ:

  • Active Associate: chatbots for law firms and other professional services organisations
  • ARDA (part of Performance Lab): An AI powered coaching platform
  • Amy: AI powered maths tutor
  • Boma: Using machine learning to suggest new ways to engage an audience.
  • Companies using chatbots:
  • Data Genius: Software development company with CEO in Christchurch has completed various AI projects for it’s global customers. More details to come.
  • Dexibit: Big data analytics for visitor attractions.
  • DOT loves data: Using predictive modelling and natural language processing to translate data into actionable stories.
  • Enatel: A stealth AI project around big data, smart city power & charging infrastructure – more detail to come…
  • Faceme: Digital Employees
  • GleeTech: A technology consulting company with AI capabilities including natural language process, predictive modelling and deep learning.
  • Harmoney: Using AI to asses credit risk
  • Inland Revenue: Using machine learning for fraud detection and other tasks
  • Intela: Data Science as a managed service, with skills in machine learning, machine vision, natural language processing & more.
    • Farrago: a product from Intela using machine learning for data cleansing
  • Ipiphany (part of Touchpoint Group): Using AI for text analysis within the enterprise
  • Isogonal: Providing AI solutions to industrial, healthcare and technology industries
  • Kantar: a global research & data insights consultancy with NZ offices, using AI to improve the performance of corporate & government clients.
  • Labyrinth Solutions: Using facial recognition with interactive signs
  • Linewize: uses machine learning for VPN identification for student internet management in schools.
  • MinterEllisonRuddWatts (with Goat Ventures): Researching the application of AI for legal services.
  • MoleMap: Using machine vision to classify suspicious moles, in partnership with IBM.
  • Orion Health: using machine learning models to predict patient costs and readmission risks.
  • Parrot Analytics: Using AI to produce a global demand rating system for content across platforms
  • Pingar: Automatic document classification using machine learning
  • Prefer: Creation of conversational AI a.k.a. Chat bots
    • Zwerm: a product from Prefer for omnibot management
  • RoboticsPlus: Robotic fruit picking
  • Sagitto: They sell a miniature near-infrared spectrometer along with a service to build predictive models from the data generated using machine learning algorithms.
  • ScaleXT: An artificial intelligence recruitment platform
  • Shuttlerock: Using AI to refresh ad creative in Facebook
  • SLI Systems: Using machine learning to improve site search, navigation, SEO, recommendations and personalization for e-commerce
  • Soul Machines: Digital humans
  • Stock Trim: Using machine learning to optimize inventory levels.
  • Talania: Custom chatbot solutions
  • Telstra: Bought Wynyard’s Cognevo business which uses machine learning for cyber security.
  • Thematic: Uses artificial intelligence to analyse customer feedback
  • Theta: Building bots for NZ businesses, eg. Snow Centre
  • ThisData (part of OneLogin): using machine learning for risk scoring to detect  anomalous logins attempts.
  • Unified Inbox: Messaging platform for IoT devices using natural language processing
  • Unison Networks: Using IoT powered machine learning models to optimize power transmission
  • Vend: AI advice for retailers
  • Xero: Using AI to automate accounting

5 thoughts on “Organisations using artificial intelligence in New Zealand

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    Machine Learning and AI are constantly getting better every day. With millions of potential customers out there it’s hard for companies to personally look after all their customers.
    Ai chatbots play a crucial role not only in FAQ’s but also in engagement and driving sales into the business.

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