This is the personal site for Shaun Ryan. Here’s a little bit about me:

  • The majority of my career has been with SLI Systems. I was their founding CEO for 14 years, leading the company from a start up through to an IPO on the NZX in 2013. SLI provides site search and recommendation services to online retailers around the world.
  • I was CTO at GlobalBrain, overseeing the development of the core learning search technology much of which is still used at SLI Systems.
  • A lot of my early career involved contracting for Dynamic Controls, a world leader in wheelchair control systems. Projects included working on a collision avoidance system, specialty controls interface (including a sip and puff controller), and a servo steering controller. I was programming mainly in assembler.
  • I completed a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Canterbury. See my thesis here.
  • I’m currently sitting on a number of boards for tech companies. Check out my LinkedIn profile for more info.

I live in Christchurch with my family and enjoy surfing, skiing, mountain biking and touch rugby. I come from a fairly entrepreneurial background. Here’s my Dad’s story about his lamb cover business.

SLI ARR growth
SLI Systems revenue growth during my leadership