Thought Experiment logo

image-1A quick word on the thought experiment logo. I had this logo designed using Freelancer – a great site for getting all sorts of things done. I’ve seen these guys present at investor meetings in Sydney and Auckland and I previously used the service to get a design for my gates at home: for just $20 I got 18 designs, selected one and my father-in-law built it with me as manual labour. I’m still pretty proud of those gates.


Again for $20, I ran a competition, this time for a logo. My Ph.D supervisor, John Andreae used a stylised cat, to illustrate his PURR-PUSS AI system. I suggested in the competition notes that they use this combined with the thought experiment Schrödinger’s cat to come up with a logo. I received about 20 designs and ended up choosing the one on the top right. It’s a lot better than what I could have come up with myself.img_1246-1.jpg

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